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Flora TranFlora Tran
09:10 10 Aug 23
Really happy after two sessions, my neck and back are much better! Raj is very professional and will explain everything so you feel comfortable. I really recommend. Thank you Raj 😊
nasim hemaninasim hemani
08:43 10 Aug 23
I Spent gruelling 6 months of weekly treatments for “Sciatica“ as each of the 4 Osteopaths diagnosed me with the same ailment . I had no respite with the treatment.In desperation I saw Raj on 3/8/23 through recommendation.His reassessment was “hip misalignment in chronic state since left untreated for long” and will need 2/3 treatments.It is beggars belief that with the very 1st treatment, I got up from the treatment table and not only walked without pain but also my left leg had gained its normal strength and footfall.I am eternally grateful for being correctly diagnosed and treated, and have got back my life. Can’t thank you enough Raj! God bless you.Cannot recommend enough this young Master of Osteopath’s professionalism and listening skills , a vital necessity for correct diagnosis!
Riya PatelRiya Patel
13:15 04 Aug 23
I recently visited Raj on a recommendation and it was so worth it. I have been suffering from a shoulder problem and I felt immediate relief after our first appointment. He is very knowledgable, kind and accommodating. I would highly recommend him!
Philip FrancisPhilip Francis
20:38 03 Aug 23
I received a recommendation to go to The Raj Osteo Clinic from a friend after experiencing recurring lower back pain plus upper back tension due to poor posture from a desk-based job. I’ve seen Raj twice so far, he immediately makes you feel welcome and comfortable and I felt so much better after both appointments, my lower back pain occurs less frequently and the upper back tension is more manageable with some daily stretches shared for me to do at home. Would highly recommend!
Manju PillaiManju Pillai
09:41 31 Jul 23
I was recommended Raj by a friend. Having never been to an osteopath before, I was unsure of how the treatment would benefit me. I visited Raj with excruciating shoulder pain. After two visits, the pain has almost disappeared. Raj is very understanding and patient. He takes care to explain the cause and treatment. Fantastic service.
11:11 21 Jul 23
I’ve suffered with sciatica for years and recently it’s been playing up a lot more. I was recommended by family members to go and see Raj, contacting him and getting a slot booked in was so straightforward and easy. He was honestly amazing, very professional and talked me through the treatment process, I felt so much better after one treatment alone I could bend down and tie my shoelaces and getting in and out the car was much easier. We have a few more treatments booked in cannot wait to be fixed. I would highly recommend him as he knows exactly what he’s talking about.
Wei Chang YipWei Chang Yip
21:14 20 Jul 23
The Raj Osteo Clinic has been a life-changer! Under Raj's expert care, I feel so much better. His professionalism and genuine concern for my well-being were evident from the first session. I can't thank him enough for the relief and improved mobility he's provided. Highly recommend this clinic for anyone seeking top-notch osteopathic care.
Teymur KanatliTeymur Kanatli
20:56 17 Jul 23
I heard about Raj Osteopathy from a friend’s recommendation. I have been experiencing tight neck and shoulders for quite some time, and wanted to see if this would help. Raj has been extremely knowledgable, talking through what he is doing whilst he does it and very professional. His pleasant manner puts you at ease during the treatment, and after two sessions, across a two week period, I have started to feel a lot better in the identified areas. I would highly recommend Raj Osteopathy to anyone.
F pascalF pascal
13:27 27 Jun 23
Have been to see Raj for a few sessions with lower back pain and have since felt much better. Was impressed with his professionalism and explained the treatment plan in great detail throughout, making you always feel at ease, while listening to what you have to say - very approachable / easy to talk to. No hesitation in recommending Raj to others"
Remi AugustaRemi Augusta
15:57 06 Oct 22
I’ve had severe back pain since 2019 (slipped disk on L4 and L5), which involved a stay in hospital and having to use crutches for nearly five months. It also left me with sciatica down my right leg and a numb foot. I was constantly in agony and even sneezing would bring an explosion of pain that could make me drop to the floor.Nothing I’d tried had helped—not painkillers, not physiotherapy, not even the chiropractor. By the time I visited Raj, I struggled with mobility and was suffering back spasms multiple times a day.Raj was very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. Throughout the sessions, he explained the treatments, including the muscles involved, giving me a greater awareness of what aggravated the back pain.It only took a few sessions to see major results and most days I’m not even aware of the back issues. There’s no sense of dread every time I have to sit down, get up, or bend. I just move around pain-free.If you’re on the fence about visiting Raj, I would wholeheartedly recommend his service. It might even change your life.
Jordon BenneyJordon Benney
08:27 10 Aug 22
I would highly recommend going to The Raj Osteo clinic. I have been seeing Denise and it has changed my life. Many aches and pains that have been around for years, have now gone! I started to feel relief after the first session. My flexibility and mobility is the best it's ever been. It's a friendly and warm environment where you feel at ease instantly. I'll be honest, I was sceptical about trying Osteopathy as a route for treatment, how wrong I was. It's the best decision I've ever made! Thank you for a great experience.
Hemali KariaHemali Karia
15:42 23 Jul 22
Having had shoulder and neck pain / stiffness for years my husband recommended Raj! Raj is very professional, personable and he explains every step and the reasoning behind the symptoms. After one appointment I had great improvement.I would definitely recommend Raj to anyone looking for Osteopath treatment.
Rishi RamsumairRishi Ramsumair
10:52 12 Jul 22
I decided to call Raj to understand a bit more about the Clinic's services offered and whether it would be a good fit for me. Raj was very professional and his suggestions were very practical. Soon after, I started with Denise and I am very pleased with the treatment so far. She is very attentive and already understands which areas of my body require additional attention. I will definitely continue with The Raj Osteo Clinic.
I've suffered with lower back pain for several years now despite physio, massage, gym and holistic treatments; i saw Raj pop up on numerous friends instagram pages and was rated highly by those who had treatments so i thought it would be worth a try.After my 1st session with Raj my back felt like it hasn't felt for a long time. I was shocked because I believed I'd need months worth of work but I was recommended 2 sessions only! Simply amazing and highly recommended. Raj made me feel comfortable and explained in great detail the treatment plan.A very knowledgeable and professional practitioner!

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